Even the best gardens and lawns can have insect, disease, weed or pest issues.

According to the food and agriculture administrations, 20 to 40 percent of plant production loss is due to the effect of weeds, pests and diseases.  Protect your plants, yard and gardens from these problems with the wide assortment of products that Froehlich’s Farm carries. 

Here at Froehlich’s Farm we do our best to provide the greatest possible advice and solutions to all your home and garden issues.   With many organic and natural options available, we have a solution for everyone.


Herbicides kill plants through the process of systemic actions or on contact.  Weeds can damage foundations, overtake landscapes and create unsightly appearances around your home. 

Get control of your weeds today by choosing the right resolution to your weed problem.


When it comes to disease, it’s important to remember that a correct diagnosis is the most important step in the eventual control of a plant disease.

Plant diseases are caused by living organisms like fungi, viruses and bacteria.  If left untreated the disease may be transmitted from one plant to another or prove fatal to the effected plants.  However, most plant diseases can be prevented or treated with proper use of sprays, dusts and drenches.


Insecticides manage insects in a number of ways.  Proactive drenches are important to apply in early spring to alleviate insect damage in the future months, otherwise on contact or preventative controls can be used.

Whether you have those that chew, those that suck or those that are unpleasant, our team at Froehlich’s Farm will help choose the best solution for your insect concern.


Although deer and other wildlife critters may be delightful to watch, they can also be very destructive by feeding on plants or rubbing antlers against trees.  

In developed areas, especially here in Bucks County, home landscapes have become the major source of food, especially for deer, which can pose a serious aesthetic and economic threat.  

Damage is most commonly noticed in the spring on new, succulent growth, or on new plantings throughout the year.  Take control of your landscape today with our deer and critter prevention products.

Whether you have deer, rabbits and ground hogs, or moles, voles and other critters, we have the solution:

  • Prevention Sprays
  • Prevention Granulars
  • Fencing
  • Netting

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