Great gardens and lawns begin with great soil and fertilizer.

There are nineteen elements that are considered essential for plant growth: three are supplied by air and water, while the remaining 16 elements are from the soil.

The top 10 inches of your garden’s soil, where your plants’ roots feed and grow is teeming with bacteria, fungi, and countless other microscopic creatures.  Most are beneficial and even essential to keeping your plants beautiful and healthy.  

Unfortunately, some bacteria naturally found in soil are pathogens which attack a plant’s roots, ultimately affecting the plants uptake of water and nutrients.  This may place stress on plants that are not well nourished and will eventually destroy unhealthy plants.  That is why it is important to make sure your plants have the proper nutrients and are fertilized on a regular basis.

At Froehlich’s Farm we offer both synthetic fertilizers and natural organic fertilizers containing all major nutrients for use on flowers, vegetables, perennials, trees and shrubs to keep your lawn and gardens looking beautiful.


Synthetic plant foods are materials manufactured chemically to provide nutrients to your plants.

  • Water Soluble:
    • Nutrients are dissolved into water, and immediately delivered to plants
    • Quick solution to a problem, as fertilization is short-lived and frequent applications are needed
  • Controlled Release:
    • Delayed nutrient delivery to plants
    • Usually,  feed for up to three months
RISK – can burn plants causing root and overall health damage.


Natural organic plant foods are material found ready made in nature and by definition is any material derived from plant, animal or mineral origin that contains one or more essential nutrients for plant growth.

  • Slow, steady feeding as plants require it
  • Safest choice for your plants and the environment – will not burn!
  • Plants receive nutrients, plus beneficial microbes

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